Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas From the Nai Family!

2013 has come and gone. So much has happened and I feel so busy. I also feel regretful. I am not the best at keeping in touch with friends and family. Facebook makes it easy to say” HI”…and to check up on people…but I miss the more personal feeling you get from a card or a phone call. I am sorry I am bad at doing those things.

So, here is my attempt at keeping in touch better. (Not that it is personal because I will be sending this out to all of you, lol).

I will start with Anthony. He will shortly be in his 5th year of serving as a Blackhawk County Deputy Sheriff. He is still working in the Jail, babysitting the bad guys. He also works as security for different venues, games, restaurants and the hospital. I think the most enjoyable part of his job is training. He has moved up the ladder quite quickly. He is the Defensive tactics trainer as well as the new recruit trainer. (He thinks it is funny to practice his techniques and pressure points on me. Sydney asks for it though…which she always regrets later). I think he really enjoys the teaching part of the job. He is also on the S.W.A.T. team. He looks pretty scary in all that gear, and my heart sinks every time he gets a SWAT call. But so far, all has turned out well.
          I also have to give him praise for one more thing. Anyone who knows Anthony, will appreciate this. He is not the most imaginative or romantic guy. Our anniversary comes and goes without much fuss. Partly because it is 2 days before my birthday and it is the week of Thanksgiving. This year was different though, He planned a fun night for me weeks in advance. He planned a dinner with a great group of friends and then to go to see Catching Fire opening night, which was my birthday. He even bought me a beautiful birthstone ring and necklace set. I was so impressed! I love him so much…even without all the fuss!

Well, now for me. I turned 36 this year…and I am feeling old. I feel nostalgic and I miss home! Home to me is the place where my memories are, where people and places have made a mark on my heart. I miss my mountains, my Calgary, my friends and my family. Not to say, I don’t have some of those things here in Iowa. We have been blessed to be a part of one of the most wonderful wards I have ever been in. I have been through a lot the last couple of years and it is my Iowa friends who have stepped in for my family when they couldn’t be here. Thank you all!
I kept busy this year. I Coached Sydney’s basketball team as well as her major league softball team. I was scared to be a coach. I love to play the sports, but there is so much that a coach does behind the scenes that I never realized! It was wonderful though. I love coaching all those wonderful girls and look forward to coaching again this year!
I also keep busy as Young Women president in our ward. I teach and organize activities for the youth in our church, ages 12-18. It is especially rewarding since Sydney is in YW.
I also babysit a little boy who helps to keep Teo busy so I can find time to make jewelry, scrapbook, crotchet, or maybe even clean my house ;)

Sydney (12) has been crazy busy this year. She has learned from last year that she needs to manage her time better and not cram so much into her schedule. Even though she cut back on some activities, she still has little free time. She played volleyball for her school team and really enjoyed it! She is currently playing basketball. She plays wing. She didn’t like it at first. I always played her at post, but, she is no longer the tallest on her team, and actually has become a much better overall player. She is a big contributor to her team, so much so that she is often played the whole game. She is on the Honor roll and Principles list. She works extremely hard in all of her AP classes as well as in Chorus and Orchestra. She just sang in a trio for their Christmas concert and she plays the Cello. She is such a big help at home and she is fun to be around!

Haylie(10). Oh my Haylie. She is a wild one! You know the song from “The Sound of Music” that says “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Well if you know the rest of the song, you will be singing about Haylie. She is wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. She has such a strong personality! She has had many opportunities this year to stand up for what she knows is right. She puts herself out there and stands up for others, and I am so proud of her! Her favorite subject in school is science! She is also busy playing basketball and softball. She is a little more hesitant to play, but still enjoys it. She didn’t want me to coach her (we are like water and oil). But that is ok, she has had some great coaches. She finally got her ears pierced for her birthday, and now thinks she is a total diva ;)

Tui(7) is my tenderhearted boy! He is usually at the other end of the bullying, getting picked on for some reason or another. We had a few incidents at his school that made the big bad mamma bear come out. But regardless of what happens to him, he gets right back out there, trying to be friends with everyone, always turning the other cheek. He played flag football this year, even getting 2 touchdowns! He will be starting basketball soon, and is looking forward to that. He loves sports. He also loves music. He is a good little singer, if he thinks no one is listening :) One of his favorite things to do is drill us on multiplication questions at the dinner table. He really has a head for numbers!

Last is my baby. Teo(3). I guess he is not a baby anymore. But if I say that, he tells me he will be my baby “FOREVER” (in the kid’s voice from the Sandlot movie). I am trying to record as much of him talking as possible so we will always remember how adorable he is. Some of our favorite are “ slipily” for slippery, “Blue-tiful” for beautiful (which he tells me all the time:) He is so cuddly, and always has his monkey pillow pet with him. He is so smart, just like his siblings. He figures things out so quickly…which makes me crazy sometimes. He loves to help me with the dishes and play with his brother and sisters.

We have been so blessed this year! We have also had some sad times. Grandpa Fioretti (Anthony’s grandpa) passed away, but we were able to make a trip out to Pennsylvania to see him this summer before he passed.

We know that your lives are all just as busy and fulfilling as ours is, and we pray that you and your families will be blessed and feel the love of our Heavenly Father in this New Year! We love you all!

Peace and Love,
The Nai Family
( Anthony, Krista, Sydney, Haylie, Tui, Teo)


We can’t forget Apophiss. She is our pet snake. She is a gorgeous orange corn snake. She is a year old now and is so fun and gentle. We all love her (except for Anthony ;) We also have 2 hermit crabs. They are ridiculous! I can’t believe they are still alive. But they are fun to watch.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sporty Girl

Sydney is a very active girl who is not afraid to try something new. She is a bit of a daredevil and can be a bit rough. Hmmmm, sounds like me growing up. Here are some of the sports she played this year.

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January 2012

 Family night with the Palmers.
When we go bowling....we go crazy bowling. It's the best! We wear silly glasses and goggles and oven mitts. We lay on our belly's or push with our feet. It is so much more fun than just trowing the ball!
 Teo climbing up the bowling ramp. He thought it was a slide.
 Tui and Jaran had fun feeding Ollie skittles. Yumm!

 Even though it is getting more and more difficult for Ollie to get around, he was a pro at this! I think he had fun and we enjoyed spending this time with him!

 Sydney showing us how it is done!
 Eden and Haylie giving us some laughs.

 Sydney and Ollie. These two have grown up together. Sydney has a special place in her heart for Ollie. She is always thinking of him and wanting to find things she can do with him. I'm glad they had this time together!
 Teo and Tui  ready to play

 My goofy friend Stacy. Ollie's brain tumor has taken it's toll on her. She doesn't laugh like she used to...and that is completely understandable. I was glad to see a bit of her energy come out tonight! She is so funny!
 Yup...Anthony got high score.
This is one of my favorite pictures of our kids together. We will cherish these memories forever!

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Christmas 2011

My somewhat successful homemade Christmas presents.
I like to put some thought and some work into Christmas gifts. Especially when they are for family. Maybe that is because it makes me feel more loving towards them...or maybe it is because i feel like because they are family, they won't judge me if it turns out a bit wacky!
So I knew what my sister wanted for Christmas. I just went to Pinterest and picked one of her " to do" projects and made it for her. It is a magnetic menu board. It turned out pretty cute. I think I may have to make one for myself!
For my Brother-in-law ( who I don't really know all that well....and lets face it, It is hard to know what to get guys!) I made a desk calendar that my sister can put pictures of them in so that he can see them everyday. I love to scrapbook, so that was easy.
Now for my niece. She loves Buzz lightyear. She is 2 and I felt it was time to girlie her up. So I passes down some of my girls dress up cloths that were too small for them and made a new tu-tu for her to wear. It was not exactly how I planned to make it, but it served it's purpose. She wears it all the time I hear ;)

Haylie's Baptism
November 18th, 2011
I am so proud of my little Haylie. She has grown up so fast and has been through so much ( health problems etc). But she is so strong willed. I don't think anything can hold her back from doing what she wants. This does not always bode well at home. She is very stubborn and defiant sometimes...things that she needed to work on before getting baptized. In our church, we believe that at the age of 8, a child has learned sufficiently what is right...and what is wrong, and have the ability to choose for themselves which to do.
Well, it turns out Haylie does know right from wrong and was hesitant to get baptised because she knew that once she was baptised a member of our church, she would be accountable for her actions and would need to repent if she should make a wrong choice. This is just one of the conversations we had about preparing to get baptised;
" Mom, I don't want to get baptized"
" why not honey"
" that means I will have to tell the truth all the time" ( something she struggles with)
" yes, It is very important to be honest with everyone. People need to be able to trust you. Heavenly Father will help you to do what is right if you are willing to try and do your best. And you can repent if you make a mistake. He wants you to be happy and not weighed down by wrong choices"
So she did get baptized and this is another conversation we had the day after.
" How was school Haylie"
bursting into tears...." It was the hardest day ever!"
" why honey"
" I've been repenting all day!". ( me secretly finding this a tad bit amusing)
She later told me that she was very aware of how much she told little fibs and that she felt like a horrible person. I told her that it would get easier to do what was right as long as she kept trying. She will be a handful for sure...but she will also be stronger and more faithful because she will learn to overcome temptations.
I love you Haylie!

        Fall Fun 2011

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Halloween 2011

Halloween Fun!

Haylie's Halloween Birthday Party was a blast! I planned a mystery party for her. They had to find their goody bags that a goblin had stolen. The goblin left spooky clues that they had to follow. Once they found the goody bags and captured the goblin ( Sydney). Then is was game time and craft time. I had them dig for prizes in a mix of spaghetti and jello....ewwwww! then they made Halloween lanterns out of tissue paper, modge podge and a glass jar with a tea light inside it. They all had a great time.